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Audacious Chance by Chanel is indeed. Coco herself never ceased to remind us: good luck only comes to those who know how to recognize it and seize hold of it. Just like this perfume, good luck or Chance acts like a blast of optimism, a whirlwind of happiness with a hint of mystery.

At Chanel, good fortune has its own perfume called Chance. Captured within a flask with soft but graphic curves, as chic as they are gracious, the fragrance is a lucky charm, an olfactory opus that leaves hints of summer in the air! This is the first incarnation of Chance to be signed off on by perfumer Olivier Polge; its intense vitality will transport lucky ones to their wildest dreams and back again.

Now this vitality is taking on the hair. A sensual gesture diffuses zesty notes of citrus with each step. Without drying it out, this perfume graces the hair with a note of vitality and a burst of seasonal freshness!

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