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These few “Mois Krug” (or “Krug months”) celebrate a delicious meeting of two worlds, that of champagne and gastronomy. This unique experience unites the savoir-faire of the greatest local chefs with the emblematic inventiveness of Krug: Krug Grande Cuvée. This exceptional champagne is composed of over 120 different wines from 10 different years and three different grape varieties, a signature technique of this brand since 1843.

Each year Krug chooses an ordinary ingredient to be reworked by different chefs and Krug ambassadors around the world. This year, the egg is the ingredient du jour. This simple food item, known by all in many of its different forms, is giving free reign to different chefs and their creative techniques. This subtle alliance between Krug Grande Cuvée and the egg can be found in restaurants, caterers, and wine cellars that are partners of Krug throughout all of France. The dates and times of this exceptional event, which will take place between May and December 2016, can be found on Krug’s website.

This bold and inspiring culinary rendezvous remains loyal to the original nonconformist spirit of the brand’s founder, Joseph Krug.

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