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Opium Collector’s Edition 2013 by Yves Saint Laurent

With 46 years under its belt, Opium, the mythic fragrance from Yves Saint Laurent, is preserving its iconic form but reinventing it in gold. Starting November 4th, the spicy, amber nectar will be presented in a special collector’s edition. An olfactory opuscule from the nose of Jean-Louis Sieuzac, Opium restores a long-forgotten and dynamic formula:...


Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

With this scandalous creation, Saint Laurent offered the promise of many a sensual, seductive moment wrapped up in heavy layers of mystery that, like opium, promised to open the door to a forbidden universe where a torpid mind would at last let the senses take over. This spiced nectar from the Far East was as potent...


Exhibition: N°5 Culture Chanel at the Palais de Tokyo

5: a fabulous, universal number for a “female perfume with a female odor”, ordered from Ernest Beaux by Gabrielle Chanel in 1921. This fragrance would almost instantly become iconic, with a unique and timeless shadow over all in its wake. “I am launching my collection on May 5th, the fifth month of the year, let’s...


Diptyque, The Haute Couture Candle

At the end of the avenue Saint-Germain, number 34, right by the restaurant Tour d’Argent, you can find the mythic Dyptique store. In 1960, it wasn’t the hotbed of luxury reserved for insiders that we know it as today; its three founders, architect Christiane Gautrot, painter Desmond Knox-Leet, and administrator/ stage designer Yves Coueslant originally...