Dolce & Gabbana: The One


The One is a special perfume in that it explores multiple facets of the same woman – this extremely sensual woman expresses herself here in the highly perfumed aura of a Florentine scent. With the immediate resonance and sustenance of a certain delicateness like that of lingerie on the skin, this Dolce & Gabbana perfume deploys itself like a saving grace accompanying a magnificent woman. “The light is always on her [the one]. It’s as if she were the only woman in the room,” explains Domenico Dolce.

The One opens with a headnote of bergamot that sparkles upon contact with mandarin orange. This instant luminosity remains light when softened upon contact with peach and lychee syrup. The heart is stronger, truer, perhaps purer: a floral bouquet composed with timeless white flowers like madonna lily, lily of the valley, and jasmine. This bouquet evokes passion, femininity, elegance, and grace. Within its wake is a profound sensuality marked by ripe plums melting in the seductive humidity of refined Mediterranean vetiver water.

To incarnate this voluptuous softness, the brand borrowed the aura of Scarlett Johansson. In a film directed by the revered Jean-Baptiste Mondino and written by the late cultural journalist Glenn O’Brien, this perfume emerges within a dolce vita ambiance. The short film is a tell-all on the mystery of Dolce & Gabbana’s women – the ones who, away from the public eye, hide a certain familiarity and a refreshing sincerity. These strong signatures and impressions are captured in The One, still as iconic as ever.

Mr Burberry: The New Fragrance


Burberry is unveiling a new version of its iconic fragrance to open a new chapter in the story of Burberry men’s fragrances. Imagined by perfumer Francis Kurkdjian in close collaboration with CEO and creative director of Burberry Christopher Bailey, Mr. Burberry is a more powerful and sensual version of the emblematic eau de toilette of the same name. Just like the brand’s iconic pieces, this fragrance pays homage to London.

In particular London by night. Plunged into the drowsiness of the night, a thousand promises are revealed. It’s this exact atmosphere that Burberry attempted to capture in its scent, with an atmosphere as fantastical as it is pragmatic, with a certain passion in tow. Woody, warm, and highly sensual, the fragrance mixes classic ingredients from British male perfumery. In the headnote, aromatic notes of tarragon and spiced cinnamon delicately rest on a heart of intense patchouli and a woody base composed of amber and smoked vetiver.

The scent’s elegant character can also be found in the flask’s lines. This flask is inspired by the black trenchcoat and its emblematic details. The heavy cap evokes its famed buttons, while its collar is adorned with a black gabardine bow that’s hand-tied as an homage to the revolutionary fabric invented by Thomas Burberry over a century ago during WWI. Bold and eminently masculine, its silhouette lacquered with an intense black reflects the warm sensuality of a fragrance that’s very special. Even better, each flask of Mr. Burberry Eau de Parfum can also be customized by engraving one’s initials.

My Burberry Black: The New Perfume for Women


Once more, the new Burberry fragrance is redefining the rules of women’s perfumes. By taking the idea of a naked body covered up by a Burberry trenchcoat, the scent translates this sensual element, this sensorial ecstasy. Composed by nose Francis Kurkdjian in collaboration with Christopher Bailey, My Burberry Black fuses the odor of jasmine and peach nectar – there, vanilla and candied rose meet to give this scent its vivacity and sweetness. The signature note of rose at the heart of My Burberry gives a sugary touch, while a rich note of amber patchouli balances the perfume to round it out with a profound and captivating finish.

My Burberry Black is put in an amber-colored flask whose lines reflect the details of Burberry’s black Heritage trenchcoat. Its somber stopper evokes the distinctive buttons, and an English gabardine bow hand-tied in Castleford, Yorkshire, pays homage to this rain-resistant fabric invented by Thomas Burberry over a century ago.

To incarnate the new Burberry woman, the brand brought in Mario Testino to shoot this campaign under the creative direction of Christopher Bailey. With Lily James in her first appearance in a global ad campaign, the brand also brought out a new interpretation of the song I Put A Spell On You by British singer-songwriter Duffy. And since Christopher Bailey’s version of Burberry intends to delve into new media, Burberry launched their campaign first on Snapchat. Check it out now online or on the screens of the Coventry House in Piccadilly, London.

Ambre Sultan by Serge Lutens


His Ambre sultan, “Arab and not Oriental”, to quote its creator, marked the grand opening. Iconoclastic and dreamy, it is outside of the norms. Lutens positions himself through his perfume: “You would smell a perfume, it was a soup. You either smelled the sexy woman or the woman who keeps records. For men, it was Zorro’s arsenal. With Ambre sultan, I wanted to take Adams and Eves out of the marketing.” A new genesis of humanity, incarnated by its own bewitching wake, where antiquity and sensuality come together and enhance one another.

 Classic amber enriches itself with powdered vanilla notes of benzoin from tiny trees of Siam. Rockrose brings a sensual warmth to the table. Coriander, oregano, and myrtle wrap themselves around a note of patchouli and sandalwood. So many ingredients fit together so perfectly, ringing out like a masterful, odoriferous symphony. But sophistication is second nature, a simple immanence, for Serge Lutens. If he sought to do any one thing, it would certainly be express himself. According to him, Ambre sultan unites “thick tarmac, austere, mysterious rockrose that makes the fingers stick together, and welcoming tarmac, the comforting vanilla, also adhesive, that my memory retained.” The perfume reflects a certain dichotomy, a sensible human and personal ambivalence, rightly perceived by this man with an extreme finesse. A striking emotion hits us, issued from the strength of a tale and a personal myth. Travel is romanticized, spontaneity perfected, and emotion testified by this princely fragrance.

 This is how, luxurious and intimate at the same time, Ambre sultan is reigning over Paris’ Palais-Royal. The boutique is singular and preserves everything; a beautiful wrought-iron staircase rises from the center of the mysterious room. With its sumptuous 19th-century decor, it is dressed up with marble and marquetry. Fleeting and ephemeral jewels, perfumes of the moment, are soberly, uncapriciously displayed. They are contained in flasks composed of clear and crystalline lines. The magic of Serge Lutens’ senses is at work, this Baudelaire-esque alchemist that transforms sentiments and memories into olfactory sensations, and vice versa.


Clos 19 : When Luxury Becomes an Experience


No one understands luxury better than LVMH. Today, Stéphanie Watine Arnault, Bernard Arnualt’s niece, is piloting this new approach to French luxury in London. Clos 19 is a website that brings together the world’s main luxury brands, including the jewels in LVMH’s crown. Imagined with LVMH and its luxury wines and spirits in mind, the name is a direct homage to the 19th century, an era that saw a notable development of French luxury just as champagne became more widely popular alongside other wines and spirits. Stéphanie Watrine Arnault affirms that: “The overall concept behind Clos19 is sharing and defending the art of hospitality. It offers a more immediate and sophisticated access to our exceptional products, but also provides services, accessories, and experiences that allow our audience to become the perfect hosts.”

This very perfection is what pushed LVMH to introduce a new way to consume its products: in this catalogue, Moët & Chandon, Krug, Veuve Clicquot, Dom Pérignon, Château d’Yquem, Hennessy, Glenmorangie, Ardberg, and Belvedere are all present and accounted for. But this is a lifestyle, behind simple consumption – LVMH understands this well. That’s why, by putting gastronomy at the heart of Clos 19, the platform was imagined with offerings like culinary sessions and themed trips, that might even bring clients all the way to Antarctica. The idea is to highlight “experiences”, including tastings, private dinners, and journeys to the ends of the earth. For now, the site is only available in the UK, but it should soon launch in the rest of the world. In the meantime, the website is open to all, but a special member’s space will offer particularly rare vintages that aren’t publicly available.

Christian Dior – Esprit de Parfums; A Must-See Exhibit


Exactly one year after the couturier-perfumer’s former residence, the Château de La Colle Noire, reopened in Grasse, the Musée International de la Parfumerie is going back on the history of Dior’s perfumes. Born at the end of the Belle Époque, just as modern perfumery was being propelled by Coco Chanel, Christian Dior never ceased to infuse all his passion and fascination for flowers into this industry. After composing the famed femme-fleur silhouette, Monsieur Dior also invented his own destiny as a couturier-perfumer. By immediately creating Miss Dior to accompany his New Look silhouettes with a “wake of desire”, Dior anchored French perfumery in the Grasse region.

From his garden in Granville, Normandy to his years working in a gallery in the Paris of the Roaring 20s up until the Occupation, where he took refuge near Grasse with his family, this exhibit brings visitors on a walk through the childhood, adolescence, and adulthood of one extraordinary man. In his last home, the Château de La Colle Noire, he planted dozens of acres of vineyards, trees, May roses, lavender, and jasmine. This passion was shared by his sister Catherine, who was also a cultivator of flowers for perfumes.

Dior perfumes were imagined to create the essential finishing touch for any look – Miss Dior dresses from today and yesterday enter into dialogue here with various Diorama, Eau Fraîche, Diorrissimo, and Eau Sauvage flasks, all of these iconic creations imagined by master perfumer Edmond Roudnitska. Later on in the exhibit, a collection of rare flasks – very limited prestige editions – are put on display. These antique collector’s pieces and more can all be discovered in the Grasse region from May 15th to October 1st 2017.

Coco Mademoiselle’s New Seduction


This is one of Chanel’s signatures: the perfume Coco Mademoiselle is legendary in that it incarnates what the suit is for haute couture. This classic never ceases to be brought back into taste. Admired for its fresh notes and the unexpected delicateness of its floral bouquet, Coco Mademoiselle is a sensual icon and a refined scent. All the audacity and elegance of Coco are captured here.

Now in March 2017, the vivacity of notes of orange, a transparent heart of rose and jasmine, and pure accents of patchouli and vetiver cultivate the essence of a free and independent woman in two brand new formats. The Eau de Parfum is made for bags – an ideal portable accessory for the multiple facets of a contemporary woman’s life. Free and independent, she’s able to revive the notes of Coco Mademoiselle with one delicate, sensual, and discreet gesture. It slips into a beige case to go everywhere and become an addictive object of seduction.

Yet another breed of sensuality is deployed through the Huile Velours body oil. The goal: perfect the skin all while protecting and nourishing it. With extreme finesse, its dry and silky texture instantly penetrates the skin to leave it marvelously satiny and delicately scented with fresh and sensual notes of the iconic Coco Mademoiselle scent. To be applied before or after bathing, with an elegant base of patchouli and vetiver, the bathing ritual will take flight with these enveloping scent. Discover this exclusive limited edition starting now.

Diptyque Icon “L’Ombre dans l’Eau” is Celebrated in Poetry


This March 2017, diptyque is celebrating 35 years of their iconic fragrance ‘L’Ombre dans l’Eau’. In 1983 it was sold for the first time as an eau de toilette – a surprising scent that tells tales of a lakeside garden. A childhood memory of one of the three founders of diptyque, this fragrance captures the spirit of a peaceful summertime garden with soft notes of blackcurrant and rose and a base of grey amber and musk.

At the very end of Boulevard Saint-Germain, the boutique is built around this reminiscence: “A unique atmosphere reigned here, where the desire to pass things on and forge bonds attracted an eclectic clientele: show biz, Presidents, crowned heads, and neighborhood residents found it to be a formidable grounds for exchange,” tells Henri Fournier, the boutique’s current director.

Diptyque’s boutique has preserved the aura of these first magical, fantastical, and poetic moments. Amid furniture fabrics and scents from around the world can be found a small Pollock theater, a wooden horse, rolls of scented paper, or the brand’s first perfume released through the flame of a lit candle. Today, this enrapturing floral perfume is releasing its sense of adventure through a poem called L’Oeil du Poète – check it out in-store now!

Eau des Merveilles Bleue by Hermès


2004: Hermès imagines the Eau des Merveilles collection with velvety, creamy, and bursting notes stripped of any floral accents. This was rare indeed for a women’s perfume. Soon, this olfactory tale would know a certain success amongst the public. Today, nose Christine Nagel decided to “put things back in place” with this fragrance that was originally constructed upside down. For about a decade, this olfactory tale has been written star after star, somewhere between innocence and fantasy, childhood dreaming and femininity. It’s only natural that the brand’s nose decided to move towards these memories for the essence of her new scent, Eau des Merveilles Bleue.

“Hermès’ marvels are anchored in childhood, when your eyes open up to the world and are amazed by everything. I was amazed by pebbles that were wet from the sea. They had a color and a particular shimmer, and I discovered that they tasted salty, mineraly,” recounts Christine Nagel. By taking care to keep her feet on the ground while allowing her imagination to shoot off beyond the stars, this nose took a look at the composition of Hermès’ Eau des Merveilles. By starting with this memory, she decided to capture in a scent the magic of the ocean and the color of the sky – an invitation to a waking dream, eyes wide open among thousands of stars.

The enchantment is such that it plunges you into a joyous and amusing effervescence of a perfume that’s both wooded and mineral, swept by sea spray and warmed by the roundness of patchouli. Living in blue with the promise of a burst of freshness tenderly evokes the surprises of the sea. With Eau des Merveilles Bleue, Christine Nagel is able to distill the taste of water on pebbles, with a surprising number of treasures in the palm of your hand. Available March 2017.



The New Dior Homme Sport


“The new Dior Homme Sport is a story that starts off strong, fast, and no holds barred. A hot rod that fuses a lively pleasure that’s made to last.” François Demachy couldn’t have said it any better. Imagined for a man with sleek elegance, this scent becomes part of an urban energy that’s both alive and aloof. Nonchalant. This is how François Demachy composed his perfume, by taking on an extremely persistant challenge. Fruity, spicy, electrifying, with a deceptive freshness, these spices indefinitely accompany it on a trail of freshness. This is how Dior Homme Sport is reinvented, in unison with an outdoorsy, sophisticated, and sexy rebelliousness. For the Dior man, life is a playing field.

This lightning temperament also makes the perfume take flight on notes of citrus, toned down upon contact with a fresh, fusional, pulpy, and fruity freshness. Blood orange – Demachy’s signature – meets the subtlety of essence of citron. This refinement diffuses lightly spiced notes that unite with notes of grapefruit. “I wanted to make the composition for Dior Homme Sport evolve, but I still preserved its woody signature. The base is noble and composed of rare woods. The “sport” essence is in the movement of this dialogue between the pulpy vivaciousness at the beginning and the reassuring response at the end,” confides François Demachy.

To incarnate the Dior man, the brand is once more counting on the tenebrous charm of Robert Pattinson – a Dior man with a mischievous and sexy style, powerful and velvety. With its sweeping cinematographic style, Dior Homme Sport can also count on the signature of Peter Lindbergh – in movement, his gaze decided and captivated, the Dior man is on a quest for his own liberty. This race will take off soon in an upcoming film to be released in 2017.