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  • Clicquology, a Rich Marriage by Veuve Clicquot

    In 2015 the legendary yellow-label brand, audacious and avant-garde, created Rich, a champagne dedicated to mixology. Time to go back on this event in the champagne universe.

  • The Krug Egg Bucket: When Originality Meets Delectableness

    This year, champagne manufacturer Krug is putting the egg at the center of their gastronomy. Just for the holidays, they’ve had the novel idea of turning the egg’s oval structure into a very original champagne bucket - the Krug Egg Bucket.

  • Krug Champagne By Henri Krug

    “Krug’s style and quality are constructed on a combination of factors that are intricately linked. Each detail contributes to the ensemble, but the details don’t amount to much if separated from the ensemble.” - Henri Krug

  • Veuve Clicquot Presents The Rich Collection

    This is a bottle enveloped in a silvery film and stamped with Veuve Clicquot comets. Radiant by the light of day, its coating sparkles at night as well. Behold the aesthetics for the new Rich collection – a spirited and innovative collection that’s bold to the taste!

  • Château Lafite By Maréchal De Richelieu

    “I discovered that Château Lafite wine is a generous, delicious cordial comparable to the ambrosia of the Gods of Olympus.” - Maréchal de Richelieu (1755)

  • Moët Day by Moët & Chandon

    Moët & Chandon has christened June 11, 2016 as “Moët Day”, a day dedicated to a celebration of the great moments that have been part of the brand’s over 270 years of history.

  • Krug By Katia D Kaupp

    “Those who are attached to Krug have just as much character as their preferred champagne. Maria Callas, Gabrielle (Coco) Chanel, Anna de Noailles… They all drink Krug because they adore it.” - Katia D Kaupp, Le Nouvel Observateur

NEWS - Dec 22nd 2017


The holiday season is the perfect occasion for distiller Glenmorangie to reveal an elegant and essential box set for their iconic whisky, The Original.

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NEWS - Dec 20th 2017

After Dali, Picasso, and Jeff Koons, Château Mouton Rothschild is entrusting its 2015 label to Gerhard Richter.

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HISTORY OF AN ICON - Dec 18th 2017

This building is as ancient as it is full of history. It’s a place where traces of French history are still tangible. A place that makes it onto UNESCO World Heritage’s list of hillsides, brands, and cellars of champagne. Saint-Pierre d’Hautvillers Abbey is indeed the bastion of champagne brand Dom Pérignon - a man who, before exporting French savoir-faire to the four corners of the earth, was a Benedictine monk.

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NEWS - Dec 17th 2017

Belvedere vodka has given free reign to artist NeSpoon to create its holiday box set.

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NEWS - Dec 15th 2017

Champagne brand Ruinart is inaugurating a new artistic cycle by calling on Spanish artist Jaume Plensa to imagine a sculpture for the brand. What’s more, a Ruinart Blanc de Blancs boxset with “Jaume Plensa for Ruinart” etched on it is being released in 20 copies.

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