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  • The Tod’s Tattoo Collection Launches in Paris

    After launching the tattooed Double T bag in London in September, Tod’s is kicking off its newest collection dedicated to this ancestral art in Paris. With a cocktail party-cum-performance event, Diego Della Valle hosted the label’s loyal followers to celebrate the launch of Tod’s Tattoo.

  • The All Plastic Chair by Jasper Morrison

    Jasper Morrison’s iconic design is getting updated through a new version of the All Plastic Chair - this is a stripped-down version of the legendary wooden chair, since become a classic.

  • The New Air France Business Class Kit: A Small Gesture that Changes Everything

    First and Business class on board Air France is first and foremost about refinement and well-being - a journey that promises to create a private, well-thought, and unique universe just for the passenger. Now, skincare brand Clarins will accompany Business class passengers every step of the way.

  • Dior Lady Art

    Last June, the opening of the House of Dior in London was the occasion for a fresh collaboration between the brand and British artist Marc Quinn. The objective: reinvent the legendary Dior bag. Today, the Dior Lady Art project is unfolding through six artists that are exploring all the potential of the Lady Dior.

  • Moynat And Mambo, A Plethora Of Works On The Horizon

    Moynat has long imagined a light, pragmatic, and poetic way of traveling - and because some people have invaluable goods to transport, Ramesh Nair has started thinking of artists. The result: a trunk that can transport and exhibit works of art all at the same time, on display now at Le Bon Marché in Paris.

  • Hermès’ Iconic Window Displays

    There are some jobs that are less talked about - jobs whose importance and creativity are nonetheless vital to fashion houses. This is what an exhibit called “Le Petit Théâtre de la Démesure” intends to correct, by honoring the work of Antoine Platteau, the man who designs Hermès’ storefront displays.

  • Between Sky And Heaven: The Shang Xia Chair

    An original reinterpretation of traditional Ming dynasty (1368-1644) furniture, the Shang Xia chair is the result of an ancestral savoir-faire, a creation descended from the secular Chinese way of life.

HISTORY OF AN ICON - Jul 24th 2018

If imagination had a color, it would without a doubt be this one: Klein blue, the eponymous shade introduced by Yves. Upon contact with the fashion world, the color has started to take over completely, starting with the streets.

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NEWS - Jul 04th 2018

This student’s painting became the most valuable work in the series. White Canoe by Peter Doig, created in 1991, went for an immense sum at auction at Sotheby’s in 2007.

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News - Jun 16th 2018

Usually considered to be one of the highest-selling contemporary French artists in the world, Richard Orlinski infinitely uses his “Born Wild” concept. A neighing horse, a menacing King Kong, a purring feline: all of it fits into a resolutely contemporary and timeless style. This is the Richard Orlinski touch, in just a few words. Opting for democratic art that is accessible to all, this 51 year old artist offers graphic works influenced by pop art and popular imagery. To do this, Orlinski doesn’t hesitate to play with colors and fabrics. Resin in a multitude of colors remains one of his signature touches, although the artist also works with rock crystal, glass, aluminum, marble, stone, bronze, steel, or other precious metals such as gold. His palette is wide indeed, for nothing pleases him more than being where he’s least expected.

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NEWS - Dec 19th 2017

For one week, subliminal messages from Chanel will be displayed loud and proud in the Paris metro - these are aphorisms for 2018.

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NEWS - Dec 13th 2017

Armando Costa is the first winner of a first sponsorship project - his first collection is inspired by travel.


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