• Chanel’s Collection Libre “Numéros Rouges”

    This makeup collection is made of contrasts that celebrate red, the iconic shade in the Chanel universe - from the legendary lipstick to a new emerald nail polish.

  • Dior Splendor Makeup Christmas Collection

    For Christmas 2016, Dior is reviving its couture spirit through a makeup collection called Splendor. It’s an hymn to beauty signed by Peter Philips, available now.

  • Chanel Rouge

    It’s no surprise that red is among the founder of the house on rue Cambon’s favorite colors. “Red is the color of life, of blood. I love red.” Gabrielle Chanel passionately confessed.

  • Dior Milky Dots Summer 2016 Collection

    Imagined by Peter Philips, creative and image director for Dior’s makeup division, the Milky Dots Summer 2016 collection invites you to plunge into a fresh universe of fantasy.

  • Christmas Makeup Collection State of Gold by Dior

    Just for the holidays, Dior cosmetics is releasing State of Gold, a new chromatic line that’s worth its weight in gold. Imagined by Peter Philips, these palettes trap moving reflections, the secret to an intensely glamorous look.

  • Dior Prestige: Le Nectar and La Crème

    The Dior Prestige Line, this spring expanded to the tune of a new formula: a brand new substance made of Granville rose Nectar imagined as the ultimate skin regeneration and perfection product. Now all that’s left to do is choose between Dior Prestige’s La Crème and Le Nectar.

  • The Dior Addict Lipstick by Dior

    Elegant, feminine, mod, and edgy, Dior Addict lipsticks always opt for audacity. With an integrated ultra-shiny top coat, this piece of beauty innovation dreamed up by the talented Peter Philips has spawned a lipstick that pushes its shine to the max. 

NEWS - Oct 23rd 2018

Your eyes are a delicate part of your face, and you cannot rub it hard while taking out the makeup. This will not only make the skin around your eyes rough but can also damage your eye. That is why it is regarded of utmost importance to remove the eye makeup gently and softly so that your skin and eye remain healthy. We at also understand this, and that is why we offer you an excellent tutorial on removing eye makeup. 

Here are some tips that you must follow while removing your eye makeup, but before that, it will be prudent to learn why you need to remove it.

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Icon of the Day - Jul 26th 2018

It’s no surprise that red is among the founder of the house on rue Cambon’s favorite colors. “Red is the color of life, of blood. I love red.” Gabrielle Chanel passionately confessed.

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HISTORY OF AN ICON - Jun 19th 2018

For almost 50 years now, Diptyque has been creating scented candles and fragrances evocative of travel and change of scenery. With their legendary exigency, the brand produces refined candles that have become a symbol of insider luxury in Paris.

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BEAUTY - Jun 19th 2018

In the beginning, there was the earth. A golden-brown earth that belonged to the vastness of the deserts, offering itself up to the rays of the sun that would beat down upon it. Then, there was Guerlain. It is said that every twenty seconds, a Guerlain terracotta powder is sold somewhere in the world.

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ICON OF THE DAY - Jun 16th 2018

Touche Eclat by Yves Saint Laurent has been awakening the complexion and sculpting light on the faces of women for more than 20 years. An essential ally for perfect complexions, this Yves Saint Laurent brush is one of the most revolutionary products in the cosmetics world. Let’s go back on the story behind this magic pencil.

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