Cartier Clash Unlimited : Sophisticated Extravaganza

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Cartier Clash Unlimited : Sophisticated Extravaganza

Cartier’s Clash Unlimited capsule collection introduces a series of jewelry aligned with the house’s DNA in an extravagant and innovative vision of high jewelry.

Cartier Clash Unlimited : A Clash of Colors

Excessive, bulky and as chic as it gets; Cartier’s Clash Unlimited praises the exarcebated vision of Cartier opulence and refinement. The Rue de la Paix jeweller, known for having birthed the most bombastic jewels of the pas century, reunites with its innovative spirit as well as its penchant for beautiful stones; exuberant and colorful. 

A true ode to the genius of the artisans that uphold the Cartier legend through their daily work, the Cartier Clash Unlimited collection is centered around the icon that is Cartier’s Clash picot. Thus, we can find, in the collection that makes High Jewelry more accessible, beautiful jewels that are fabulously executed.

The pointy rings play with amethysts of XXL sizes. The white gold bracelets and earrings adorn themselves of onyx and diamonds, in a profusion of luxury and taste that belongs to Cartier.

In this second opus of Cartier’s Clash collection, everything is mixed and matched anew for the beholder’s greatest pleasure; tosegold, grey gold and onyx as Tahiti pearls. The mastery of Cartier injects it with an unheard of dose of glamour and sophistication.

That being said, the piece that attracts the most attention is the Clash version of the mythical Baignoire watch, also dubbed the “montre à mitaines”, the mitten watch in French; it is fastened to mitten-style coating.

This mitten-style coating covers three quarters of the wearer’s hand for a second skin effect. Still, a very jewel-like second skin, since it’s constituted of a rosegold knit crimped with a plethora of diamonds. Light and supple, the mitten allows for the Baignoire watch to be slipped on without struggling. Nearly 1600 diamonds are crimped to the surface.

This unique timepiece is the fruit of a collaboration between the innovation workshops of Cartier’s Métiers d’Art and a master glovemaker. Two years of development, and close to 227 hours to finish it.

The perfect incarnation of the Cartier’s bombast, the Baignoire watch from the Clash Unlimited collection is its own object of desire.