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Ever since its creation, Belvedere Vodka has imagined moments that are a touch out of the ordinary through its cocktails that boast surprising and extravagant flavors. A number of sun-soaked and colorful recipes are coming out where the art of mixology can freely express itself. On the menu this year are a number of unexpected “Belvederian” rendezvous and some surprising cocktails.
On Friday, May 13th, composer and DJ Marco Carola got a few friends together for a private concert at the Gotha. On Sunday, May 15th, the VIP Room is set to host Belvedere Vodka for an exclusive tasting experience. And every day from the 11th to the 22nd of May, Belvedere Vodka will be setting up within Cannes’ most fabulous establishments with a selection of natural and exclusive cocktails.
Throughout the festival, the brand will also be present at the Carlton terrace’s water bar and at the off-beat aquatic and verdant Blue Marlin. It’s the perfect occasion to exclusively discover the new Belvedere cocktails that will spice up the summer: the Thyme and Grapefruit, a subtle alliance of Belvedere vodka, vermouth, tonic, soda water, pink grapefruit, and thyme, as well as the glamorous Cherry and Rose, a delicate association of Belvedere vodka and lemon, amarena cherries, and artisanal rose-flavored lemonade.
For Belvedere, all-natural and delectable are the key words for summer 2016.

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