The Burberry Trenchcoat for SS 22: A Myriad Of Deconstructed Pieces

Throughout his Spring/Summer 2022 show, Riccardo Tisci distilled Burberry Trenchcoats in so many deconstructed pieces — a novel concept that revives the vision of a century-old garment!

Burberry Trenchcoat: Variation Around An Icon

We all know how much of an experimental fabric that of the Trenchcoat is. This time around, Ricardo Tisci made his show into an ode to the multiple possible variations around the trench-born piece.

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A true anthem of experimentation, the trenchcoat – simultaneously chic and rebellious – starts a new chapter of its stylistic history. Thus the transfigured coats presented themselves as embodiments of stylistic hybrids: a gabardine and tee shirt fusion, collarless and with multiple fastenings; open backed to hint at what is slipped unerneath it. With jersey sleeves or, better even, pierced sleeves that let fly the sensuality of this timeless garment.

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Made in the house’s iconic beige, the Burberry trenchcoat gains audacity with these unexpected twists – a graphic and innovative sign of a Riccardo Tisci that is very much in tune with the times.