Fabulive: How to Properly Remove Eye Makeup ?

NEWS - Oct 23rd 2018

Your eyes are a delicate part of your face, and you cannot rub it hard while taking out the makeup. This will not only make the skin around your eyes rough but can also damage your eye. That is why it is regarded of utmost importance to remove the eye makeup gently and softly so that your skin and eye remain healthy. We at Fabulive.com also understand this, and that is why we offer you an excellent tutorial on removing eye makeup. 

Here are some tips that you must follow while removing your eye makeup, but before that, it will be prudent to learn why you need to remove it.

Fabulive: How to Properly Remove Eye Makeup ?

Why remove your eye makeup before going to bed

Unfortunately, many of us do not remove the eye makeup before going to bed. Sometimes we all feel tired or lazy. This is a blunder that you must stop now as this way you can clog the pores of your skin below and above your eyes. Removing your eye makeup is neither very painful nor very costly, and you can do it easily without taking any extra effort.

Tips for removing eye makeup

Micellar Water

If you want to remove the eye makeup gently, then use the micellar water– a favorite French cleanser. This water is made from tiny micelles, which are oil molecules that are suspended in water. The micelles pull the particles of cosmetic products, and this is what makes micellar water so popular all across the globe. When applied to the skin, micelles lift away the dirt, oil, and makeup residue left on the skin like a magnet. You do not need to rinse the product with water as it cleans all the impurities efficiently. Micellar water helps in removing the waterproof mascara. It is also suitable for all types of skin including the sensitive one. You can purchase micellar water from Fabulive makeup store. You can also take a look at the makeup removing videos available on the platform.

How to apply micellar water?

You need to follow these three steps to remove the eye makeup with the help of micellar water:

First, you must take a clean and soft cotton pad and pour micellar water on it.

Now, close your eyes and hold the cotton pad on your eyelids for a few seconds.

Now, you can gently remove the makeup. Do not rub your eyes hard. 


Another easy option for removing your eye makeup is towelettes, and these are also not very costly. It takes only a couple of minutes to remove the eye makeup with the help of towelettes, even if you are wearing waterproof cosmetics. Technically, these are ultra-soft products made out of rayon fibers or cottonwood pulps which have cleansing and moisturizing agents on them. Towelettes can remove all the impurities from your face and eyes without drying out your skin. They are so soft that when you use them on your eyes, your susceptible skin does not get irritated. Towelettes come in a sealed pack, where they are stored without being exposed to dirt. You do not need to rinse your face or eyes with water after using them. You need to ensure that you reseal the pack, otherwise, these towelettes may dry out. 

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Natural eye makeup removers

Many of us are very skeptic about using towelettes and micellar water. Well, you can try some natural eye makeup removers, such as vitamin E oil, almond oil, olive oil, etc. These are natural moisturizers which ensure that the skin area around your eyes will not become dry. Natural oils help in moisturizing your eyelashes and eyelids and also save your money. However, you are advised to apply high-quality and pure oils. Do not use any baby oil as it may contain some ingredients that can lead to eye irritation. You must also ensure that you use a soft cotton pad and keep your eyes closed while using it. 


Take care of your tear duct

While removing your eye makeup, you should not damage or block your tear ducts and meibomian glands, the ones that contribute to the production of oils for the tear film. This film ensures that your tears do not get evaporated too fast, which can lead to serious troubles such as dry eye syndrome. 

What should you do after removing eye makeup?

The best thing about all the products mentioned above is that you don’t need to drag yourself to the bathroom to rinse your eyes – you can even stay in your bed. But if you want your skin to remain free from dark circles and blemishes, then there is another thing that you must apply. This thing is the eye defense cream, which prevents the problems related to aging and reduces wrinkles, puffiness, etc. This type of cream keeps your skin hydrated, and that is why you need to let the cream stay near the eye area to get absorbed. Apply the cream with care so that it does not get on the wet part of the eye.


All the tips above will help you in removing your eye makeup correctly. Still, you are recommended to look for the makeup videos available on Fabulive to remove the eye makeup, face makeup, lip makeup, etc. This is a live streaming video platform that offers you high-quality makeup tutorials provided by the experts all across the globe. If you are a beginner in the makeup industry, then you can learn impressive makeup skills from here for free. You also get a chance to buy the best cosmetic products at a competitive price from Fabulive makeup store.

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