Chanel Sublimage Foundation

ICON OF THE DAY - Nov 17th 2016

Chanel’s beauty never ceases to delight beauties - the Sublimage collection’s foundation is exceptional. Captured in a light and airy box, this Chanel foundation has a special regenerating effect.

Chanel Sublimage Foundation

The secret to Sublimage’s formula? Vanilla planifolia. Grown exclusively in the fields of Madagascar, Chanel’s formulators went straight to the island to dream up this sublime line. On preserved lands that constitute one of the richest biodiversity reserves in the world, orchid is gathered for its out-of-the-ordinary virtues. A legendary plant becomes a prestigious ingredient when it puts its regenerating power to work within this exceptional foundation called "Le Teint".

Instantly refreshing, dazzling from the outside and nourishing on the inside, the epidermis becomes more brilliant upon contact with this creamy foundation. With its sensorial texture, both light and unctuous, Le Teint gives skin a rare suppleness, and a radiance that’s more sublime with every passing day. Even better, an intense ‘eau de vainlle’, used to nourish the skin, brings it strength and vitality. Diamond powder encapsulated in silicon marbles reflects light so that it illuminates the face with unequaled power. Get it in stores now.

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