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It was at the end of WWII, in the year 1947 to be precise, that Italy faced a shortage of foreign materials. Guccio Gucci was thus forced to experiment with new solutions. To create the handles for his handbags, but also to replace their leather, he turned towards new materials in the luxury universe like hemp, linen, and jute. Bamboo and burnished rattan would prove to be one of the subtlest innovations on behalf of the brand’s artisans. The first bamboo bag was born as an ingenious example of a proverb that says necessity is the mother of all inventions. The Bamboo was thus the first of many emblematic Gucci products to follow in this vein, sacred iconic code of the house, such as the floral motif and the double GG.

The go-to accessory for crowned heads and celebrities, this bag with a brown handle quickly gained favor among the world’s most elegant. The Bamboo Bag became a must-have: Grace Kelly, Queen Frederica of Greece, Elizabeth Taylor, and Deborah Kerr all had one. At the present time, the Bamboo Bag is BeyopncĂ©’s and Jennifer Lopez’s darling. Indeed this bag marvelously unites innovation and craftsmanship, keeping up with the times, as you can see by admiring the Bamboo Shopper Bag…  We found in Gucci’s recent fashion shows the soul of this iconic material, mainly in the Pre-Fall 2017 one that brang to light two new versions of the Bamboo Bag : the Dionysus and the Queen Margaret. However, the bamboo is no longer confined to its eponymous bag. Its eclecticism made for a strong element, in terms of aesthetics as much so as in character. From shoes to jewelry, bamboo became an essential for the brand.

Today, the stylish and colorful wardrobe of Alessandro Michele for the Florentine brand isn’t passing on a new adaptation of this iconic signature, as seen in the 2016 and 2017 Gucci Spring/Summer Fashion Shows. From black leather Gucci pumps with bamboo anchored on the heel to the inevitable handbags, all with bamboo clasps – the entire Gucci universe seems inextricably linked to this material that’s as subtle as it is surprising. In the Michele era, the Bamboo is anchoring itself a bit more in modernity with an ensemble of jewelry or on timepieces that once more perfectly bear their name.

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