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In opposition to the Balencaiga’s typical handbag trends, Alexander Wang is proposing a neoclassic that’s a bit removed from the label’s codes. Next to the soft leather and studs of the “Motorcycle”, “Le Dix” possesses a more structured and rigid shape: a minimalist strand for its allure. Nevertheless, this first line by the New York wunderkind plays host to a bag that translates the legacy of Cristobal Balenciaga, all while incarnating continuity with Nicolas Ghesquière’s stint at Balenciaga, in accordance with the rest. Also, “Le Dix” has an arched handle that echoes the traditional vocabulary of 10 Avenue Georges V: forest green, pearl grey or black, as a handbag or a pochette, “Le Dix” leaves a minimalist and chic impression. The handle isn’t directly connected to the bag’s body. Maker Alexander Wang has left his signature thumbprint on the two metal attachments on each side. The bag gives off an immediate Wang-esque allure, the architectural line that almost silently conceptualizes him.

But why “Le Dix”? This name evokes the brand’s perfume, all while remaining connected to the “Motorcycle”. By naming his work thus, Alexander Wang is granting his first handbag for Balenciaga entrance into a collection where the only common thread between the pieces is “Le Dix”; “dix”, which means “ten” in French, is a reference to the original boutique’s address in Paris. In this first collection, this child of multiculturalism that is Wang, has seemingly found an echo in his personal creations that he pursues with his independent eponymous label. In his eyes, the Balenciaga woman is not inevitably an elegant Parisian. The instigator of Model Off Duty allure, who grew up in California with parents of Taiwanese origin, wants to create a “global state of mind”; one with attitude, a sort of sensitivity that’s previously been undefined. That’s why this label, created by a Spaniard in and for Paris, promises to transcend its creations with a unique thumbprint that can only signal a fresh breath of inventiveness!

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