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Atelier Versace Perfumes

Ateliers Versace present six new fragrances, orchestrated under the direction of Donatella Versace. Exclusively at Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann. 

The New Atelier Versace Perfumes

The Versace house unveils a collection of scents concocted under the direction of Donatella Versace. 6 new fragrances produced by Atelier Versace which revisits, in the form of olfactory compositions, the iconic codes of the house.

Five perfumers looked at the craft of the house of Versace, in order to better link it to that of perfumery. The result? True olfactory celebrations of the noble materials of perfumery coupled with the baroque luxury of the Italian house!

“The idea that every woman is different, and that if we all like to wear a tailor-made dress, this is even truer when it comes to a perfume. We all want to find that scent that truly represents who we are.” explains Donatella Versace.

The 6 scents are independent of each other, what they have in common is that of being genderless. Delicious or sexy waters therefore, designed for both men and women.

The new Atelier Versace fragrances are called Eclat de Rose, Cédrat de Diamante, Sun Jasmine, Figue Blanche, Sandalwood or Red Vanilla. Each of the olfactory highlights the sunny and sexy attitude of the house of Versace.

Playing majestically as a flagship ingredient in perfumery, Atelier Versace fragrances therefore combine the opulent luxury of Versace with key ingredients such as rose, lemon, citron, jasmine, fig, sandalwood and even vanilla.

This is how one of the new Atelier Versace perfumes, named Jasmin au Soleil, distils a solar and fascinating water, similar to the Medusa logo. The nose behind its composition, Nathalie Lorson specifies:

“Atelier Versace’s luminous emblem, a nod to Greek mythology, guided my inspiration. This combination of very opulent jasmine with sparkling citrus notes, embodies the sweet impertinence of a falsely innocent universe”

But there is more. The very bottles of these new Atelier Versace fragrances present sulphurous luxury! The Versace perfume bottles, pale or black in twisted glass (exceptional craftsmanship), are capped with hand-made caps. A luxury that continues even with their box, enhanced by hand-painted finishes.

How to add a little more daring and originality to these juices sometimes sensual, sometimes carnal – but very Versace in short.