The Tailleur Bar by Christian Dior


Welcome to the world of Christian Dior, where women can blossom into flowers… as long as they have an hourglass figure! The renowned lover of all things elegant released his very first collection in February 1947, during which time France was still clearing the ashes of World War II. The time had come to put the role of women soldiers/ factory-workers on the shelf; to accomplish this, Dior put his faith in the superimposition of different builds. Thin waistlines, transforming the woman into a gracious plant, juxtaposed with skirts just wide enough to complete the metamorphosis : the flower, a...

The Eyewear Shaped By Prada


Cannes, South of France. Somewhere along the Croisette all you can hear is the roaring of luxurious cars and the clicking of designer’s shoes on the ground. The Cannes Film Festival is in the air and the sun is shining in the sky. It is now time to glow and own your last pair of Prada’s like the one fashion icon Miuccia Prada gave us in her last retro-like-runway show. Now are you glamorously ready for the Red Carpet, Caméra? Prête? Action!

Miss Dior, The Scent Of Recklessness


In 1948, Christian Dior decided to pay tribute to her sister, Catherine, by dedicating a unique scented perfume. The delicate fragrance draws its inspiration from the “Jardin de Granville” where the designer has spent his entire childhood. “Make me a fragrance that smells like love” says Christian Dior to his longtime friend Serge Heftler-Louiche. Miss Dior was born. An elegant woody smell, a fresh fruity touch and some floral notes, Miss Dior sounds like a spring love pledge. The fragrance combines complex alchemy and unique expertise which, as a dress Haute Couture, makes it remarkable. Christian Dior used to say “a perfume...

The Little Black Jacket by Chanel


In Salzburg, Austria, the lady with a love of camellias crossed paths with a hotel lift operator, who’s uniform gave her the initial idea for a four-pocket jacket. It is said that her lover at the time, the Duke of Westminster, was responsible for her rather British taste for tweed. It was no surprise that the couturier ended up opting for this very same material: a lesser-washed wool that allowed for greater flexibility and softness. The skin is invited to get cozy with the jacket through the further inclusion of silk, taffetas, and jersey fabrics. The perfectionism behind Mademoiselle’s avant-garde...

The Bamboo Bag, Gucci


In the House of Gucci, the Bamboo bag is emblematic. At the end of the 40s, the shortage of leather lead Guccio Gucci to use other materials like bamboo thus leading to a stroke of genius that will deeply mark the history of the Italian luxury brand. The “sac Bamboo Gucci” was designed in 1947 at the core of Gucci’s Florentine workshops where fine leather craftsmen were using the expertise and the tools of coachbuilders to create exceptional handbags. Those brilliant artisans were working in the respect of the norms of excellence and exclusivity inherent to the Gucci brand. Launched...