Andrea Della Valle, The Man Behind the Hogan Sneakers

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Andrea Della Valle, The Man Behind the Hogan Sneakers

Andrea Della Valle, younger brother of Diego Della Valle, knew how to bring the taste of the sneaker to the taste of luxury, at a time when it was something quite different.

Andrea Della Valle, Hogan And Luxury Casual

Andrea Della Valle shares with is brother Diego Della Valle the craftsmanship of the family house as a heritage. And he says it himself, whether we are talking about Tod’s or the Hogan house, we first seek to convey the taste and passion for ancestral craftsmanship.

“We are the third generation: our company is not just a business for us, it represents our family tradition, our roots.”

Andrea Della Valle, The Visionary Of Casual Luxury

When Andrea Della Valle founded the Hogan house in the 1980s, it was with the idea of ​​defending casual luxury. As a true visionary, he has managed to combine relaxation and exquisite leatherwork. And that is the Hogan house that embodies it.

It must be said that Andrea Della Valle inherited the same sense of observation and anticipation as her brother Diego Della Valle. His many trips to New York and the United States will somewhat put him on the path to the next aesthetic revolution to come. A revolution where it is no longer a question of radical liberation but of liberating the allure and elegance of too rigid shackles.

He says: “When Hogan was created in the 80’s the fashion world was changing and our brand was the first to launch the concept of luxury sneakers, a concept so relevant in fashion today.” And the concept that lies behind this idea of ​​luxury basketball is none other than that of casual luxury.

This is undoubtedly why Hogan pieces quickly gained a timeless value, It is the heritage of the Tod’s group that Hogan was able to draw.

Andrea Della Valle has managed to link heritage and innovation around contemporary pieces because they are revolutionary. The Hogan clientele has never wavered since.

Cool, relaxed elegance is now the real DNA of the house founded by Andrea Della Valle.

Andrea Della Valle, The Man Behind  Hogan Basketball

“Functional luxury: that’s what Hogan has always been. A philosophy that combines aesthetics and versatility with quality, which knows how to be formal in the city, in the office, and casual chic on weekends – in Hong Kong as in Milan, London, Shanghai, New York” confided Andrea Della Valle at the bend of an interview.

It was a 1986 that Hogan launched the “Traditional” sneaker. An aesthetic revolution.

Indeed, Andrea Della Valle is not wrong when he says: “We invented luxury sneakers.”

Inspired by cricket sneakers, the Hogan Traditional was designed for an urban lifestyle. The idea came to Andrea Della Valle while he was in New York. On the streets of Manhattan, he notices that men and women move from home to work in sports sneakers; then once at their destination, they trade them for town shoes or pumps.

Andrea Della Valle has the idea of a basketball sober and elegant, light but highly luxurious.

Hogan “Urban Trek”, season S / S 2020

Rich in the craft initiated by his father and grandfather in the Marche region, Andrea Della Valle has been able to draw on a heritage in shoe making to inject it into a definitely contemporary piece. The workshops of the Tod’s group, in Brancadoro, were obviously put to contribution.

Hogan “Urban Trek” season F / W 2021

Since then, the Hogan sneaker continues to renew itself. Sometimes classic, sometimes daring, its designs forge this new idea of ​​luxury, each season a little more free without ever losing any of its relaxed aura!

If Tod’s with its loafers the Gommino were already an icon at the time, Hogan was not slow to rise to the rank of essential – the luxury sneakers becoming an icon of a certain lifestyle. Urban and downright chic.

Hogan ”Interaction”, F / W season 2021