AIKON By Maurice Lacroix Unveils Its 35mm And Mercury Versions

Launched In 2016 In Its Quartz Version, AIKON By Maurice Lacroix Sticks Out In 35mm, Automatic; when not dazzling the experts with its Mercury mechanism.

Behind its name, one can see the willing of Managing Director, Stéphane Waser, to add a core product to Maurice Lacroix repertoire. « In 2014, while traveling, lots of people told us ‘Make a Calypso. Make a Calypso’ So we try few designs and we immediately understood that we had a big potential here. The design of this piece was truly interesting. There was a field to explore. » However, the Calypso as such is a bit too minimal for our time. That’s how, starting from the iconic design of this 90’s Maurice Lacroix hit, the house succeeded in creating the AIKON.

A snappy name, phonetically translatable in all languages, a graphic shape that intrigues — the stage is set for an icon. AIKON’s lines drew inspiration from the Calypso; yet within its 35 mm version, those same lines became truly relevant. As a feminine watch highly charismatic — the AIKON 35mm clashes the norms with its links and butterfly clasp. Whether in duochrome or clou de Paris piqué, the AIKON 35mm sticks for its franc subtlety!

Moreover, Maurice Lacroix AIKON flirts with everybody’s dream: the power to suspend time. Mercury AIKON here reveals Maurice Lacroix’s true savoir-faire: the new movement plays with gravity to, when you feel like, suspend the course of time. « We could have been very ‘watchmaker’ in a sense of developing whirls and repeaters. But it’s not the spirit of this Maurice Lacroix timepiece. So we end up with this completely new movement — very technical, yes, but mostly poetic » said Stéphane Waser. It is true that a watch, which allows to be out of time, has everything to become the icon of this new era!