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The iconic brand Diptyque is once more teaming up with designer Pierre Marie to bring the world a story, the tale of 34 Boulevard Saint Germain. Taking inspiration from folklore and animated films, it’s at the side of Ahmed Terbaoui that they created a tender and poetic short film. At the heart of this story are the brand’s three new candles, Harlequin, and Pollock theater.

The Christmastime story of Henri takes place at 34 Boulevard Saint Germain in three acts – “a winter’s night in Paris, just after a snowstorm, Henri can be found stuck in his boutique. In the shadows, his nose against the window.” Henri is submerged in a peculiar sadness when, suddenly, he hears someone whisper his name: “Henri!” And thus begins this enchanting tale, a story full of scents, since from this voice springs forth the life of every candle. Encens EtoilĂ©, Epices, DĂ©lices, or Le Roi Sapin – these new scents bring out an opera of vanilla, delicate notes of resin, and wooded tonalities of cedar and patchouli. Soothing and just as voluptuous, these new scents wafting from the brand’s boutique were imagined to bring magic to a Christmas night.

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